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Practice Dates:
August 10, am....this will be our Virtual TSAA and Virtual USA Archery Tournament day as well as practice.  Not everyone has to participate in the Tournaments...yall can come out for regular practice still on this day.  To compete in the USA Virtual Tournament, you must be a USA Archery member by that date.  TSAA is not requiring us to be USA Archery members at this time.  There is a fee of $10 involved to shoot individually in the USA Archery Virtual Tournament (paid day of) or $15 per archer if you are forming a team.  No fee is required for the TSAA virtual tournment. Please email me back if you wish to participate in either one of these. I have to know in advance (by the day before if possible).
August 31st, am
Sept 7, am
Sept 21, am
October 5, am
October 19, am....this will be our Virtual TSAA and Virutal USA Archery Trounement day as well as practice....same information as above on 8/10
JOAD Tournament....Aggie Invitational in College Station will be November 8-10.  Please speak to Coach Cody (409-239-6638) directly if you are interested in attending this tournament.

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